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ODBC Set-Up: Pervasive SQL

Setting Up a Pervasive SQL DSN
You will need to configure a Pervasive SQL DSN to connect to the database. You will need to configure a Pervasive DSN to connect to each specific School’s database. If you already have a DSN setup you can continue on with Move on to STI: Connections

To set up a Pervasive SQL DSN:
Do these steps for each of the schools that you will need to extract data for:

  1. Make sure that you have copied the brieve10ddf files to the data folder. These files are supplied by STI (you may need to request them), they are the database definition files for Pervasive SQL and the STI database.
    The files are: FIELD.DDF, FILE.DDF, and INDEX.DDF.
  2. Open the Windows Data Sources (ODBC) control panel:
    • From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
    • On Windows 2000/XP, open the Administrative Tools folder.
    • Double-click the Data Sources (ODBC) icon.
  3. This will open the ODBC Data Source Administrator:

    Create New Data Source

    Create Data Source
  4. On the System DSN tab, click the Add… button.
  5. From the list of drivers that appears, choose Pervasive ODBC Client DSN.
  6. Click Finish, you should see this screen:

    Pervasive ODBC Client DSN Setup

    Pervasive ODBC Client DSN Setup
  7. Enter a Data Source Name: We suggest: STI-###, where ### is the School Number of the school database you will be connecting to.
  8. Enter the Server Name where the data is stored.
  9. Click on Get DSN List Button. This will populate the list of Data Source Names. The Data Source you want to use will probably not exist in this list.
  10. Click on Create.
  11. You will need to logon to the server using Windows Credentials.
  12. Now we will create the Pervasive Engine DSN, you should see the Create Engine DSN screen:

    Create Engine DSN

    Create Engine DSN
  13. Enter a Data Source Name, We suggest using: STI###DATA or something similar, this must be different than the DSN name you chose in step 7 above.
  14. Choose a database name, this will probably not exist, so you will need to click Create:

    Create Engine DSN

    Create Engine DSN
  15. Add a Database Name, We suggest STI###, again the name of the Database should be different than the names chose in steps 7 and 12.
  16. Select the Dictionary Location, Hit the Browse Button. This will be the ssts folder for the given school.
  17. Click Add and add the Data File Locations, this will be the same ssts folder.
  18. Click OK.
  19. You may want to select Options. and choose Read Only.
  20. Click OK.Once more to finish the DSN Creation Process.
  21. You should see the screen from Step 12. You should notice that the Database Name is populated now with the correct location of the database you just added.
  22. Click OK.
  23. Click the Test button to ensure that everything worked.
  24. Click OK.
  25. You should now be on the main ODBC Data Source Administrator window. You should now have two new data sources listed: A Pervasive ODBC Client and Pervasive ODBC Engine, with the names entered in step 7 and 12.
  26. The ODBC name listed as the Pervasive Client will be the name that we use in STI: Connections.

You are now ready to create all the rest of your schools, if you have completed these steps for all of your schools please move on to STI: Connections.


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