Evaluate and observe, anywhere

From school administrators and teachers to HR professionals and coaches, Rubrix allows you to create rubrics, conduct quick and detailed evaluations, and centrally store data for reporting and analysis. Using an iOS™ tablet or smartphone, evaluations can be recorded in the field for automatic and secure synchronization to the web application.


Rubrix is an evaluation platform. Using a well crafted rubric, anyone can perform a professional evaluation on a subject.

Most importantly, Rubrix offers in-depth feedback concerning the evaluated students performance that the shallow numbers and percentages of traditional grade-book programs simply don’t provide.

But Rubrix isn’t only for evaluating students!

Use Rubrix for teacher evaluation, safety and security audits, and more! Create custom rubrics to use for virtually anything you can imagine, or choose from a library of rubrics already made to suit your situation.

Rubrix can be used on the web, on your phone, or your tablet. We make sure you always have access to your evaluations – even if you’re offline. This means you can get your work done anytime it’s convenient for you – and when you are done, we have world-class reports available so you can keep track of your subjects.

Need help creating your own custom rubric? Services are available that are dedicated to helping you tailor your rubric to perfection.


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  • What can I use Rubrix for?
    You can use Rubrix to evaluate people, places, and things using rubrics.
  • Where is my data stored?
    Rubrix works with PCs, Macs, laptops, and tablets, as well as iOS smartphones. On the mobile devices, data is stored locally until it can be synched with the Rubrix server. And for this, we’re using the very latest technology; cloud computing hosted by Amazon.
  • What is a rubric?
    It’s a guide that encapsulates expert knowledge with the intent of making appraisals and evaluations consistent and valid, regardless of who does the scoring.
  • What if my smartphone loses its internet connection?
    The iOS Rubrix client will continue to work when you’re in a dark spot or out of range. Your assessments and evaluations are stored locally and synchronized at the next available time.
  • What if I don’t have a phone or tablet?
    You can also use Rubrix on the web using the latest version of your favourite browser.

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