A Quick Way to Get Insights & Alerts to Principals and Teachers

Intuitions leverages Principalm data from your SIS (Student Information System) looking for patterns and trends on students, providing insight and alerts to Principals and Teachers to address issues before they escalate.

Using analytics, a list is created that highlights students with outstanding attributes;

  • irregular attendance
  • exceptionally low (or high) grades
  • events
  • achievements

Items in the list (called intuitions) make it easy for staff to see where their attention is needed the most.

  • How does Intuitions increase Student Connectedness?
  • Help keep students in school – decrease drop-outs, increase grad rates, increase budget
  • Alert to behaviour that need attention like dropping grades, inconsistent attendance
  • Alert good behaviours like great grades and great attendance
  • Reduce anonymity. Make kids feel recognized and like they belong
  • Identify new kids that join the school during the year. Make them feel welcome.

How to Get Intuitions? It’s so important we want all customers to have it, now!

  • Contact sales at sales@discoverysoftware.com and let us know you ‘d like to install Intuitions!
  • Sales will send you a new Principalm Activation File (.paf). Your current Principalm subscription renewal will remain the same. Your new license will now include Intuitions and Principalm.
  • Instructions to re-stall this license so that you can start activating Intuitions can be found Here.
  • 2 months prior to your subscription renewal, you will receive an email from our Renewals Team that includes an Intuitions Powered by Principalm subscription renewal quote, that includes Intuitions, Principalm and SIS Liberty all for $0.59/student/school /year.