Connection Intervention

Connection Intervention

We are living in a modern world of hyper-connectivity. With your smartphone, you can contact anybody from anywhere – and they can contact you. Technological advancements are racing in all directions, and so are we. Phone calls, access to blog posts and media, messages from family and emails from work keep us in the constant loop… for better or worse. Social media feels like it’s maybe not so social after all.

It’s time for a connection intervention, beginning with fostering meaningful interaction between people.

There’s a term for this meaningful interaction between staff and students; school connectedness. Studies show that school connectedness is a strong protective factor for adolescents.

It decreases undesirable and risky behaviors such as:

  • substance abuse
  • vandalism
  • gang membership & violence
  • truancy and absenteeism

And, increases behaviors which set students up for success:

  • improving school attendance
  • improving test scores & class grades
  • helping students achieve their goals in all areas of their lives
  • ultimately, increasing graduation rates

That’s why we developed Intuitions to improve school engagement. We owe it to our future society.

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